Who Cleans My Home?

The cleaning team is made of The Purple Maids employees who are screened, trained, uniformed, insured and bonded. We do not use independent contractors and that’s why we are able to guarantee our services. All our employees are W2 and we take care of all their federal taxes, unemployment taxes and workmen’s compensation in case of injuries at work.

Do I Have To Be Home When They Clean?

The choice is yours. For the first time cleaning service most clients choose to be home to let the cleaning crew in. On subsequent visits, you can choose to be home to let the team in or arrange to issue a key to Purple Maids that we will retain in a secured area.

Will I have the same cleaning team every time?

We strive to ensure that the same team cleans your house all the time. Sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances this may not always be the case. We will however try our best to make sure you get the same team leader.

What Do I Have To Supply?

NOTHING. Purple Maids provides all the necessary professional quality green cleaning equipment and supplies. If you have a special product you prefer us to use we'll be happy to use it however we cannot guarantee the results. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Contact us at least 48hrs+ prior to your scheduled day and time. Let us know if you are skipping service all together or wish to reschedule. 

 How Do I Pay?

Payment is due on the day of service. You can pay with a check to our team or leave a check out for our team if you are not available. We also accept Visa & MasterCard over the phone.

Will Hydrogen Peroxide Bleach my carpets or fabrics

NO. The Envirox H2Orange2 is a 3.5% as a concentrate.  We use it in 2 dilutions for light duty and heavy duty cleaning per manufacturer’s instructions. For hydrogen peroxide to act as bleach, it needs to be at 6% to 10% concentrate and usually mixed with other chemicals. Your fabrics and carpets are safe in our capable hands.