Transforming Cleaning into a Soulful Ritual: Unleashing the Mindful You


Cleaning is a task that most people see as a chore or a burden that they have to endure. However, with a change in perspective, cleaning can become a mindful practice that benefits both our physical environment and our mental wellbeing. In this post, we will explore how to turn cleaning into a mindful practice.

Set an intention:

When it comes to cleaning, most of us have a tendency to just jump into it without giving it much thought. We grab our cleaning supplies and start scrubbing away, hoping to get it over with as quickly as possible. However, if we take a moment to pause and set an intention, cleaning can transform into a purposeful and mindful practice.

Before you begin cleaning, take a deep breath and reflect on why you are doing it. Is it to create a more comfortable and welcoming space for yourself and others? Or perhaps to promote a sense of calm and order in your surroundings? Whatever your reason may be, allow it to guide your approach to cleaning.

As you set your intention, think about the benefits of having a clean and organized space. A clean home can have a positive impact on our mental and emotional wellbeing, reducing stress and promoting a sense of clarity and focus. By acknowledging these benefits, you can stay motivated and focused on the task at hand.

Focus on the present moment:

When we start cleaning, our minds often wander off to the past or the future. We might reminisce about the good old days or worry about what lies ahead. However, if we want to turn cleaning into a mindful practice, it’s important to stay present and focused on the here and now.

One way to stay present while cleaning is to pay attention to the sensations in your body. As you scrub away at those tough stains or vacuum the living room carpet, notice the movements of your muscles and the way your body responds to the task at hand. This can help you stay grounded in the present moment and fully experience the physical act of cleaning.

Another way to stay present is to focus on the sensory experience of cleaning. Take a deep breath and notice the smell of the cleaning products you’re using. Is it fresh and invigorating or soothing and calming? Allow the scent to fill your senses and bring you into the present moment.

And let’s not forget about the sound of cleaning! Whether it’s the whirring of the vacuum cleaner or the sloshing of the mop bucket, these sounds can be a reminder to stay present and focused on the task at hand. Embrace the sound and let it wash over you, bringing you fully into the moment.

Practice gratitude:

Cleaning can sometimes feel like a never-ending task, causing us to overlook the things we already have. We might be too focused on what we don’t have or what we need to do next. However, practicing gratitude while cleaning can help us shift our perspective and appreciate the things we do have.

Take a moment to look around you as you clean. Maybe you notice a cherished family photo or a treasured piece of furniture. Take a deep breath and let gratitude wash over you. Acknowledge the joy and comfort these items bring to your life.

Appreciating what we have can also extend to our home itself. We might take our living space for granted, forgetting that it provides shelter and comfort. As you clean, take a moment to look around and be thankful for your home. It’s a place where you can relax, unwind, and make memories.

And let’s not forget about the act of cleaning itself. It might seem like a mundane task, but not everyone has the ability to clean their home. Take a moment to appreciate your ability to clean and maintain your living space. It’s a privilege that not everyone has, and it’s something to be grateful for.

When we practice gratitude while cleaning, we can shift our perspective from what we don’t have to what we do have. We can feel a sense of contentment and appreciation for the things that matter most in our lives. So, the next time you’re cleaning, take a moment to pause and express gratitude for your home, your belongings, and your ability to clean. It might just transform your cleaning routine into a joyful and meaningful practice.

Use cleaning as a form of meditation:

Cleaning can often be seen as a mundane and repetitive task, but with a change of perspective, it can become a form of meditation. By focusing on the breath and movements of the body, we can use cleaning as an opportunity to quiet the mind and find inner peace.

As you begin cleaning, take a moment to focus on your breath. Slowly inhale and exhale, allowing yourself to fully relax and let go of any stress or tension. As you move through your cleaning tasks, pay attention to the movements of your body. Notice the way your muscles contract and release with each movement, and the way your breath syncs with your actions.

Use cleaning as an opportunity to be present in the moment. Let go of any distractions and allow yourself to fully engage with the task at hand. Focus on the sensations in your body as you clean and the sights and sounds around you. By staying present, you can let go of any worries or distractions and find a sense of inner calm and peace.

Cleaning can also be a great way to practice mindfulness. Notice the way your cleaning products smell and the textures of the surfaces you’re cleaning. Allow yourself to be fully present in the moment and embrace the process of cleaning.

By using cleaning as a form of meditation, you can feel more relaxed and centered. You may even find that the act of cleaning becomes a calming and enjoyable activity. So, the next time you’re cleaning, take a deep breath and allow yourself to fully engage in the process. Use it as an opportunity to find inner peace and let go of any stress or tension in your life.

Connect with your environment:

When we’re cleaning, it’s easy to focus solely on the task at hand and forget about the environment around us. However, taking a moment to connect with our surroundings can help us feel more grounded and present in the moment.

As you clean, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. Notice the way the light shines through the windows, creating patterns on the floor. Observe how the dust dances in the air, catching the sunlight and casting shadows. Take in the textures, colors, and shapes of the objects around you.

Being mindful of our environment can help us feel more connected to our surroundings. We can feel a sense of awe and appreciation for the beauty of the world around us. This can help us feel more grounded and present in the moment, allowing us to fully engage with the act of cleaning.

Connecting with our environment can also help us feel more inspired and creative. We may notice new details or patterns that we hadn’t seen before, leading to new ideas and insights. By embracing the beauty of our surroundings, we can unlock our creativity and bring a new perspective to our cleaning routine.

So, the next time you’re cleaning, take a moment to pause and appreciate your surroundings. Observe the beauty of the light, the dust, and the textures around you. By connecting with your environment, you can feel more grounded and inspired, transforming your cleaning routine into a joyful and creative experience.

Take Breaks:

Cleaning can be a therapeutic activity that helps us feel more centered and grounded. However, it’s important to remember that even the most mindful practices can become overwhelming if we don’t take breaks. That’s why it’s crucial to incorporate rest and recharge time into our cleaning routine.

While cleaning, it’s important to be mindful of how our body feels. If we’re starting to feel tired or overworked, it’s a sign that we need to take a break. Pause for a moment and listen to your body. If you need to take a break, do so without guilt or shame.

Taking a break can be as simple as sitting down and enjoying a glass of water. As you sit and rest, take a moment to appreciate the progress you’ve made so far. Reflect on how much cleaner and more organized your space looks. Allow yourself to feel proud of your accomplishments.

Resting and recharging during cleaning can help you avoid burnout and stay energized for the task at hand. When you return to cleaning, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to continue the work.

Incorporating breaks into your cleaning routine can also help you stay mindful and present in the moment. When you take a break, you allow yourself to fully recharge and come back to the task with a clear mind and renewed focus.

In conclusion:

Turning cleaning into a mindful practice can help you feel more relaxed and centered. By setting an intention, focusing on the present moment, practicing gratitude, using cleaning as a form of meditation, connecting with your environment, and taking breaks, you can turn cleaning into a meaningful and enjoyable practice. Give it a try and see how it can improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

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Ebony BrownEbony Brown
22:51 19 Aug 22
Dianna was amazing! She was very punctual, thoughtful, and detailed in cleaning and organizing things in our house. She went above and beyond. She really gave us a fresh start after being displaced in our home for the last 4 months with two toddlers and a kitchen remodel and several other dusty and dirty home projects. Thank you so so so much Dianna! God bless you! It feels like a brand new home in here!!!!
Margi LMargi L
19:38 09 Aug 22
She was very nice and went about her work very quietly. All of the rooms were nice and clean. The kitchen and bathroom fixtures all shining like new. Appliances and sinks were nice and shiny. Overall I am very happy with the clean apartment. I love the purple top, just to remind me of the company name. FYI, I just moved in to this apartment in May and have made some tiny improvements in the appearance, but as the years go by, just not able to do all that I wish to do. Glad for the help.
Ariel RubyAriel Ruby
19:10 28 Jul 22
Diana was friendly, efficient, and left our place nice and clean—we had a deep clean from a certain big cleaning company recently and she got spots they missed even though this was a standard clean! So glad we got someone with her level of professionalism. The company communicates well, answers questions quickly, and makes it easy to schedule cleaning.
Busy IzziBusy Izzi
03:08 19 Jun 22
We signed up with The Purple Maids to provide support for some friends and didn't realize we'd see them in action when we dropped by our friends' home for a little visit last week. Diana was doing beautiful work and it was a delight to see what a blessing she is to our friends! She was very thoughtful with regard to coordinating use of space as she cleaned, and she took time to do some "little extras" that really impressed us. We're so thankful for Diana and The Purple Maids!!
Ayesha TellisAyesha Tellis
22:04 24 May 22
Libby and Florinda did such a thorough and wonderful job. It was my first experience with the service and I’m so thrilled with the job they did. Anastasia and Gloria were great at scheduling me and walking me through the service. 100% recommend!
Rhiannon BallardRhiannon Ballard
21:18 04 Aug 21
Excellent results!! I am very impressed. My family and I moved out of a rental and wanted to have it cleaned professionally. I’ll admit that I was a little nervous when only one lady showed up to clean a 2,000 square foot home, but Valaria is an army of one. This girl cleaned every inch in every corner. She didn’t miss a single cob web. And the bill was even on the low end of the quote! I couldn’t be more pleased and I will be booking these folks for all of my future cleaning needs. Thank you Purple Maids!!
Tammy Lopez (Tammy)Tammy Lopez (Tammy)
00:24 25 Jul 21
Loved it. Olivia did an amazing job. Thank you!
Chad SChad S
21:06 24 May 21
Anastasia and her team are wonderful! We have had several cleaning companies clean our house, and they are by far the best, most thorough company we have used! They are so friendly, easy to work with, and payments are easily handled. Would highly recommend!
Jennifer EvangoJennifer Evango
14:42 01 May 21
I have been using The Purple Maids for a few months now and they do a great job every time!
Danielle DuPontDanielle DuPont
23:33 26 Jan 21
We started using Purple Maids at multiple multi family housing complexes in Pierce County once the pandemic hit to utilize their Covid-19 disinfecting services in our units. This giving our new tenants ease that their unit has been fully disinfected and sanitized prior to moving in. The staff is professional and responsive from the easy scheduling to the cleaning service they provide. I would highly recommend Purple Maids!

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