Practicing recurring house cleaning is critical for those wishing to maintain a spotless home and reduce the amount of time it takes to do so.

Generally, there tend to be two kinds of people when it comes to house cleaning: those that spend hours scrubbing down the entire house once it gets bad enough, and those that clean their home regularly. Both of these methods are effective, but those who never try recurring house cleaning miss out on its many advantages.


4 Key Benefits of Recurring House Cleaning

1. Less Stress

Studies show that the act of cleaning and achieving a clutter-free home can minimize feelings of stress, anxiety, fatigue, and even depression.

Pushing off cleaning duties until you’re stepping over junk is bound to lead to some unwanted stress. On the bright side, when you tidy up on a regular basis, your stress levels tend to stay lower. With consistent cleanliness, you know what to expect when you step through the door. You aren’t overwhelmed by clutter, don’t need to drop what you’re doing to start picking up, or feel like you can’t even enjoy your home. Instead, your house feels like the relaxing paradise it should be.

2. Always Guest-Ready

Don’t you hate it when someone drops by on short notice, and your house looks like a herd of buffalo just ran through your living room? It puts you into an adrenaline-filled panic of quickly cleaning as best you can with little time, hoping you won’t be silently judged when they arrive.

With recurring house cleaning, your house is always ready for unexpected guests! You can rest easy knowing your home is presentable enough to pass an unofficial inspection.

3. Prevents Long Cleaning Sessions

Who likes spending hours of their weekend deep cleaning the house? Practically nobody. Unfortunately, that’s the only alternative if you don’t practice recurring house cleaning. Unless you keep up with chores, the mess can grow out of control and require some real elbow grease to take care of.

Think of it like this: Would you rather clean twenty minutes every weekend or three hours every month? If you value your time, the answer is simple.

4. Helps With Allergies and Indoor Air Quality

Americans spend approximately 90% of their time indoors. Combine that with the fact that indoor air pollutants are 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor pollutants, and consistent cleaning becomes a bit more beneficial.

Unfortunately, many people are prone to allergies that turn them into a sneezing, puffy-eyed mess. Whether this is due to dust, pets, or the changing seasons, it’s never fun to deal with. Thankfully, consistently cleaning your home can help reduce any symptoms you might experience.

Consistently cleaning certain areas of your home is enough to improve the air quality and minimize festering bacteria, making the typical effects of allergies much less potent.

The benefits of recurring house cleaning are undeniable, but before you can commit to regular tidying, a thorough deep clean is recommended to make the process easier going forward. Read here to learn more about what a deep clean might include!

Tips for Prioritizing Recurring House Cleaning

Even though recurring house cleaning takes far less time to achieve a spotless home when compared to deep cleaning, it needs to occur more often. It can be difficult for some people to prioritize tidying up when they have little free time or the house “doesn’t look that bad.” However, the less priority you put into regular cleaning, the easier it is for your home to regress into a clutter-filled mess.

Here are a few tips for making recurring house cleaning a priority:

  1. Utilize timers: Short timers can help you jump into regular cleaning sessions a bit easier. Set one for an appropriate amount of time and work to get as much cleaned up as possible before it runs out. You might be surprised just how much work can get done in just fifteen or twenty minutes when you clean without distractions. When the timer stops, you drop what you’re doing and call it a day.
  2. Make a priority list: It’s hard to prioritize recurring house cleaning when you don’t know what areas of your home are a priority. Try making a list of chores that need doing around the house, starting from the most important to the least. This way, if you only get to the first couple of tasks on the list, you can relax knowing what needed to get done was accomplished.
  3. Consider the alternative: If you have difficulty establishing a cleaning routine, consider what things might look like if you don’t. If you decide to skip a cleaning session or two, you only push the accumulated mess onto the pile and create more work for yourself later. Over time, this can turn a quick twenty-minute cleaning session into a half-day’s work. If that sounds like a lot, you might prefer to let someone else take care of it instead.

Let Purple Maids Be Your Recurring House Cleaner in Seattle

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