Between juggling work, groceries, and trying to catch a breath, nobody can blame you if your house isn’t spotless. Luckily, you can do a few things to take control of your home without making any sacrifices.

In this blog, we’ll cover these house cleaning tips for keeping your home spotless even if you find yourself low on time:

  1. Shake Up Your Cleaning Mindset
  2. Delegate Tasks
  3. Establish a Cleaning Schedule
  4. Try These Time-Saving Tips
  5. Leverage the Latest Technology


House Cleaning Tip #1: Shake Up Your Cleaning Mindset

Not a lot of people enjoy cleaning their home, and many keep putting it off until the next day becomes the next month. This snowball effect can happen right under your nose, and before you know it, the entire house needs a deep clean. Changing your mindset can make these tasks simpler, easier, and maybe even enjoyable.

One way to do this is by habitually putting clutter away whenever you move around the house. This method is excellent for chipping away at a mess without feeling like you’re genuinely cleaning. If you’re going to the kitchen, bring any empty cups or dishes with you. Are there shoes thrown into a heap by the door? Put them in your closet the next time you pass by. Minimizing the effort to maintain a clutter-free home will save you valuable time in your day.

Multitasking is another useful mind hack. Why cut time from your busy day to clean when you could kill two birds with one stone? When preparing dinner, wash dishes while the food’s cooking to avoid doing them later. You can also try scrubbing the shower down the next time you’re in it.

House Cleaning Tip #2: Delegate Chores

On days when you’re extra busy, it’s good to have backup. If there are free hands available, use them! Everybody gets busy, but that doesn’t mean tidying up should fall on your shoulders alone. By delegating chores to the rest of the household, you’ll be dividing the work—and the time—between everyone.

If you have a roommate, a partner, or kids, see that they’re pulling their weight. Kids should stow away their toys, or you can do the dishes while your partner vacuums the floor. Maintaining a clean home is much easier when everyone does their part.

Or, if you live alone, consider a cleaning service for extra help.

Maintaining a clean home is difficult enough, but it’s downright impossible with a busy schedule. Rather than let the mess build up, partner with a professional cleaning service that can lend a hand.

House Cleaning Tip #3: Establish a Schedule

Without a consistent cleaning routine, many wait until the house is in obvious need, but by then, the amount of time it takes to clean increases dramatically compared to breaking up the same tasks over time. By establishing a schedule, you and the rest of your household will know what to expect regarding cleaning tasks and when they need to be done.

A schedule can be as simple as marking the calendar or as detailed as a spreadsheet. Create a list of chores that need attention on specific days and who is responsible for each. If you don’t want to do the same task every time, establish a rotating schedule so that you clean the bathroom one week and tackle the kitchen the next. It’s essential to create a plan that works for you.

House Cleaning Tip #4: Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks

If you’re looking for practical, time-saving hacks that will make cleaning easier for your busy schedule, give these a try:

  • Clean microwave: Fill a small dish with water and lemon juice, then place it in the microwave and let it run for about three minutes. The vapors will give your microwave a zesty steam-cleaning. Afterward, you can wipe away any loose grime from the microwave effortlessly.
  • Clutter basket: Clutter baskets are used to deposit all the miscellaneous junk that’s accumulated where it’s not meant to be. This way, you can quickly return everything where it belongs at the end of the day to avoid clutter build-up.
  • Garbage disposal: Running orange and lemon peels through your garbage disposal will eliminate any funky odors and help break up food that might be stuck.

House Cleaning Tip #5: Use Technology to Your Advantage

Advancements in cleaning technology have made maintaining a clean home easier than ever. Here are some devices to consider:

  • Robotic Vacuum: Robotic vacuums cut one of the most time-draining chores off your list. They move from room to room, sweeping the floor and picking up fallen crumbs or hairs.
  • Air Purifier: An air purifier instantly upgrades the air quality of your home by eliminating dust-borne allergens, which is particularly useful in the spring.
  • Toilet Cleaning System: If you hate cleaning the toilet, a toilet bowl cleaning system activates automatically each time you flush.
  • Robotic Mop: These are a must-have if you’ve got a lot of hardwood or tile.

Turn to the Purple Maids for Seattle House Cleaning Services

Looking for another way to simplify Seattle home cleaning? While using these tips can keep your home squeaky clean with half the effort, we don’t blame you if you’d rather hand things over to the professionals. Turn to the Purple Maids for home cleaning services in Seattle that keep your home in the best possible shape with no effort on your part. Whether you’re looking for a deep clean or a light dusting, we’re here to help!