Winter is a time to be indoors. Hosting holiday events, snuggling under blankets, and nestling by the fireplace, we spend a lot of time inside. Winter cleaning becomes an afterthought with our plates full; however, properties build up more dust and dirt in the winter than at any other time of year.

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Why Is My House so Dusty in the Winter?

Cold air removes moisture from any object. You may have noticed your skin drying out in the winter, just like food left in a fridge for periods form a dry crust. The more often you stay indoors, especially with larger groups of people, the more likely dust piles.

Tired of your pets shedding inside? It’s time to stop the blame game because you could be shedding skin just as much in the winter, thus creating dust particle build-up. A heating system causes skin to dry and peel, making for a dusty winter.

Windows and doors are also likely sealed for the duration of the winter months, restricting airflow. With people and pets indoors more often and lacking fresh air, you must prepare a winter cleaning checklist to eliminate dust mites this holiday season.

Top Tips for Winter Cleaning

Provided below are winter cleaning tips for this holiday season:

  • Reduce Clutter
  • Clean Dryer Vents
  • Professionally Inspect and Clean HVAC Systems
  • Deep Clean Kitchens
  • Chimney Sweep
  • Wash Windows
  • Steam Carpets and Furniture
  • Clean Around Doors and Artwork
  • Clean Curtains and Shutters
  • Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

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Winter Cleaning Checklist

The days are becoming shorter, and the Pacific Northwest winter is looming. The inside of your home has more traffic around this time of year, and dust particles are spreading like wildfire. Be sure to stress these locations in your home for winter cleaning:


Install indoor and outdoor doormats to make entryways in your home a barrier to dust, dirt, and germs. Avoiding wearing shoes, coats, hats, or gloves past entryways limits debris spread. Installing a bench around an entryway is an excellent way to reinforce the idea, making it easier to change. Doubling down on your entryways is the first obstacle to solidifying proper winter cleaning.


Regular care of windows with vinegar, water, or a non-toxic solution limits dust particle spread. Dirty windows cut a portion of daylight, reducing sunlight to any plants you may have in your home.

Trash Cans

Washing wastebaskets or garbage cans is an excellent practice year-round to eliminate debris and germs, especially in the winter when dust piles. A hotspot for build-up, trash cans are much closer to living spaces than we may think.

Vinegar mixed with water or a separate hydrogen peroxide solution are great cleaners for waste bins. Avoid mixing materials like vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, resulting in toxic fumes. Allow solutions to sit for an hour, and thoroughly rinse with an outdoor hose. Direct sunlight is best for drying.

Toilet Brush Holders

Beyond a dust builder, toilet brush holders are one of a home’s most overlooked germ hotspots. Disinfecting holders around their location throughout the year will do more than eliminate dust. Keep your family and roommates healthy by disinfecting a brush holder once a week outside. Use a bleach or vinegar solution added with water.


Shifting furniture daily is an excellent option for reducing dust particles. Regularly flip cushions preventing standing dust, and tilt couches or chairs, freeing up dust in cornered positions. Weekly vacuuming in and around your furniture is recommended. If you have furniture that isn’t regularly used, apply covers to prevent dust particles from directly building up.

Hidden Spaces

Many flat surfaces in your home building dirt, dust, and germs likely go unnoticed. Start with cleaning door tops, artwork, and trim. Door tops are closer to the sealing, building germs more quickly than other locations in your home. Carefully using step stools or ladders is best for a simple surface wipe-down. Remember to use dry wipes around artwork or bookshelves, protecting any valuables.

Vacuuming behind the fridge won’t just keep your space clean; you’ll also save money. The goal here is maintaining peak efficiency of fridge coils. If the condenser coils are blocked by dirt or dust, your utilities will steadily increase each month. If your coils worsen, an appliance repair professional will charge even more.

Ceiling fan blades are another overlooked area that collects high amounts of dust with little attention throughout the year. Especially when in use, dust will spread throughout your home by the second. Safely use a ladder to wipe down surfaces or contact a professional cleaning service.

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