Managing an office can be a difficult task. Whether you’re a small business owner or facilities manager, it’s important to keep your office clean for the sake of your employees, customers, and clients. Hiring a commercial cleaning service can alleviate the stress of managing an office by allowing your employees to spend less time tidying up and more time performing the duties they were hired to do. What’s more, your workplace will look even better than it did before.

How Can My Business Benefit From Commercial Cleaning?

There are a number of benefits of commercial cleaning services, but, in general, having a regular cleaning staff allows your employees to focus on their performance and not sweeping, vacuuming, or disinfecting the building. Below are a few of the key benefits of commercial cleaners.

Increased Workplace Productivity


One of the biggest benefits of commercial cleaning is that it provides your employees with a neat and tidy workplace. Over time, this can improve your employees’ mood and their productivity. It’s difficult to stay focused in a dirty, cluttered environment—overflowing trash cans, stacks of paper, and piles of crumbs scattered across the floor can actually be very distracting to your employees’ workflow. But, when you hire a commercial cleaning service, you can be sure that these distractions will be taken care of at the end of each day, and that your employees will be able to spend all of their time focusing on their work.

Maintain a Better Office Appearance


Another benefit of commercial cleaning is that it makes your workplace presentable for clients, customers, and guests. The state and appearance of your place of business reflects on your business and what it stands for. If your customers and clients enter your workplace and see dirty, cluttered surfaces or unsightly spills and stains, they might have doubts about the quality of your work. With a professional cleaning service performing regular deep cleaning, however, your workplace can provide a strong first impression, showing that you’re clean, professional, and ready to get to work together.

Industry-Specific Knowledge and Expertise

Commercial cleaning companies have industry-specific knowledge and expertise when it comes to keeping workplaces clean. Rather than asking a receptionist or facility manager to act as a part-time cleaning crew, you can hire professionals who will provide a deeper clean. While your employees may not know the best methods for cleaning up carpet spills or sanitizing surfaces, the professionals you hire will. This is especially important in workplaces that require a higher degree of sanitation, like medical or dental facilities.

The benefit of commercial cleaning crews is that they’re knowledgeable in this field as well as systematic and detail-oriented. Commercial cleaning services will routinely take care of all of your workplace needs like dusting, vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, and taking out trash, leaving your business thoroughly cleaned and sparkling for when you arrive the next day.

Reliability and Consistency

Another benefit of commercial cleaning services is that they will clean your workplace at regular intervals, and always to the same quality. When you come into work on a Monday morning, you won’t have to worry about whether the restrooms are going to be properly cleaned and sanitized, because professional cleaning services come in at the same time each week and perform the same necessary cleaning duties. You can safely assume that, regardless of the day, your professional cleaning service will return your workplace to its clean, tidy former state.

Safer Work Environment

When you hire a commercial cleaning staff, you guarantee that your office will become a safer space for your employees. Consistent disinfection and sanitation reduces the amount of bacteria on surfaces and high-touch points like light switches or doorknobs. Moreover, regular dusting and vacuuming can improve the air quality of your workplace. Your employees will see the benefits of commercial cleaning too, since they’ll get sick less often and will be able to spend more time working and innovating. Commercial cleaning companies also ensure that your floors are clean and decluttered, which will reduce the risk of your employees slipping and falling.

How Commercial Cleaners Clean an Office Professionally

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Cmmercial cleaners provide a number of services to businesses. While these services vary from company to company, there are a few common threads between them. Most commercial cleaning services offer some or all of the following:

  • Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping
  • Dusting blinds and cleaning windows
  • Cleaning, disinfecting, and restocking bathrooms
  • Emptying and replacing trash
  • Dusting, wiping down, and sanitizing surfaces
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing high-touch points

Another benefit of commercial cleaning is that the services can be tailored to your specific business needs. For example, if your workplace only has tile floors, you don’t need the cleaning staff to vacuum them. Instead you will just need them to sweep, mop, and wax your flooring. Every business is different, and commercial cleaners are often able to provide the right bundle of services for each.


How Do You Hire and Screen a Commercial Cleaner?

Once you determine that your workplace is in need of a commercial cleaner, it can be difficult to decide which one is the right one. You want to make sure the commercial cleaner you hire will work efficiently and perform top-quality work, so you can walk into your place of business knowing that it’s clean, safe, and sanitized. Avoid cleaners that provide shoddy workmanship, since that can reflect poorly on your business.

One way to learn about commercial cleaners in your area is by word of mouth. Talk to other office managers and businesses about which cleaning service they employ and which ones they don’t recommend. You can learn a lot about a company based on this sort of anecdotal evidence.

You can also check out online reviews of various commercial cleaners. This gives you access to an even wider variety of opinions and can help you find the right commercial cleaner for your business.


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