The areas of Kent, Auburn, Tacoma, and Seattle in the state of Washington are full of several warehouses. Warehouses tend to get dirty quickly because there is a lot of work going on. It can be hard to keep the warehouses clean. 

A clean warehouse helps the employees to be more productive and focus on their work. 

With the use of industrial cleaning companies, your warehouse will be cleaner, boosting your business image and improving your workers’ general health.

Essential Things to Consider When Searching for a Full Warehouse Cleaning Service.

What services do they offer?

It should be the first thing to ask any prospective company. Many commercial cleaning services claim to offer full cleaning services while only cleaning some parts of the warehouse.

Full service should entail cleaning of:

  •  Floors
  •  Restrooms
  • Office Area
  • Distribution area
  •  Cafeteria
  • Locker Areas


Every floor of the warehouse should be spotless clean regularly to reduce dust and debris that may spread on the floor.

Office Area

A full warehouse cleaning service should clean the office part of the warehouse. These are mostly the areas where your clients and any business visitors are welcome. It’s good the area remains clean, and all the litter took out. The floor, blinds, and shelves are all cleaned regularly.

 Warehouse Distribution Area

These are the busiest parts of the warehouse, and there is a lot of people and goods traffic. The area also has a lot of little and should be cleaned thoroughly to ensure its safety. It is crucial to the business, and the cleaning company should have all the right measures while cleaning this part of the office.

Restroom, Cafeteria, and Locker Room

These are areas that are used daily by the employees, and if not cleaned regularly, they can pose health hazards. Any full warehouse cleaning service should clean every aspect of the warehouse. Request for a list of services they offer to know if all the parts will be inclusive.

If a company claims to be a full service and does not include all parts of the warehouse, they are not full service, and you should look for another company.

Do they have experience cleaning in industrial spaces like yours?

When looking for a professional warehouse cleaning company, it’s good to assess if they have experience cleaning your industry. Industries are different, and each sector has its demand when it comes to cleaning. 

If you are in the chemical industry, it would be better to get a cleaning company with experience in chemical industries rather than the metal industry. They will have the knowledge and the right precautions when cleaning chemicals.

What equipment and supplies do they have? 

Another crucial factor to consider when searching for a cleaning company is that it has the right equipment to clean your warehouse. Surfaces like woodwork need a heavy-duty commercial vacuum cleaner that can remove dirt and debris on the floor. The supplies, too, should be environmentally friendly and provide quality cleaning.

How do they manage cleaning schedules? 

As a business person, you have little or no time on your hands. The cleaning company you hire should behave excellent time management from when they get to clean your warehouse to how long they take while cleaning.

It is also essential to know if they clean after business hours or during business hours.

How is their customer care support? 

Every professional company understands the need for excellent customer care. Most of the cleaning companies have account managers, and it can be hard when they may need to make changes with no direct access to whom to call.

Are their employees trained and screened well?

Finally, it’s good to have a deeper understanding of the employees that are going to be cleaning for you. A cleaning company that prides itself screens its workers on the process of employing its workers.

Another essential thing to consider is the training given to employees. Are they trained to uphold safety measures while cleaning complex environments? The answers given will provide you with a better view of the company and the quality of services you will receive. 

Reasons for hiring full-service warehouse cleaners

Hiring a full-service warehouse cleaning company like The PurpleMaids has several benefits. These are:-

Increase in Employees Productivity

Employees are more productive when the area they are working from is clean. They can focus more on their work. For a happy and eager team ready to tackle their job, they need to stay in a clean environment.

Research shows that indoor populated air can lead to a significant drop in productivity because polluted air can reduce subconscious function.

Fewer Sick Days

Dusty floors and shelves, overflowing little and unclean washrooms pose significant health risks to your workforce. They also promote the spread of viruses and germs, increasing the rate of infections among your employees.  With many employees on sick leave, the crew will be affected, reducing your business’s productivity.

With a clean environment, the rate of germs and virus spreading is very low, reducing the number of sick days and improving overall productivity.

Save Money and Time

When dirt accumulates on the floor, shelves, carpets, and blinds, it can cause damages. The company will be needed to repair it, and it can be expensive. With full cleaning services done regularly in your warehouse, it saves money. It also saves time you could take if you were to hire cleaners and buy supplies as the cleaning companies come with supplies and machines.

Good Business Reputation

When customers come to your office, the environment’s image gives the idea of the services they will get. If the warehouse is dirty and stuffy, they will question your professionalism, unlike when they walk to a clean and tidy space. A clean business gives you a good reputation, unlike when your business is dirty, everyone will be questioning your productivity.


When you are looking to hire a full warehouse cleaning company, it’s good to look into a few companies and understand their services. Are they just offering full service or only janitorial services? Have your needs listed and ensure they will meet by the company you choose to be your cleaning partner.