Cleaning an office or a business can be time-consuming. A clean environment is essential for your health, employees’ productivity, and image, especially when you have unexpected clients and customers who may visit.

Many companies are torn between adding a new crew for cleaners or hiring a commercial cleaning service. While there are pros and cons to the two processes, many prefer getting a commercial janitorial service more quickly. Some cleaning machines are only available at commercial cleaning companies. 

What are the essentials to consider when looking to hire commercial cleaning services?  

There are essential questions to ask before you settle for a particular company. Let’s look at what you should ask before making the final decision.

Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

After screening for several companies, you are left with a few that you think are a good fit for your building, but before you settle for the best, it’s good to set an interview and ask a series of questions.

  1. What Sort Commercial Cleaning Services does your Company Provide?

It should be the first question to ask the company’s representative to help you figure out if they will meet their needs. A professional company will be able to specify its services while those who aren’t keen on their services will answer like cleaning the floors.

  1. Does your Company have Experience with a Business like mine? How Many Years have you been in business?

Understandably, every company has its starting point, but you also don’t want your business to be the try and error field. Experience is vital, and the longer the company has the experience, the more success it has on what it does. 

A company has to at least have worked on a similar business like yours. Each industry has its own needs for its cleaning services. If you want medical cleaning, then you can’t hire a janitor. You will need a company that has experience in cleaning medical equipment and surfaces.

  1. Do you have Long Term References? 

The references the company provides should be companies that are related to your type of business. With the long-term references, you will get more enlightened on how a company operates first hand. You will ask how their work relationship is and if there had been any issues in the past.

  1. What Are Your Rates? 

Finding a company that fits your budget should be your top priority to ensure your cleaning needs are met. Ask if the company has some special services and offers. Don’t be shy asking this type of question even if it’s your first time dealing with them; it might save you a lot more than you could have imagined. 

  1. Do you Screen Your Employees?

It’s essential to know how the potential company can screen their employees’ backgrounds before hiring them. Despite it being a personal question, you have the right to ask as they will be in your office at night unsupervised. These will give you confidence that your business will be safe.

Some companies also do regular drug tests to ensure their employees do not drug while they work for them.

  1. Do you Train Your Employees?

Many companies will assume that you know their employees are trained but asking this question will get them in surprise, and you will be able to determine if they will tell the truth from their reaction. A company that provides quality services is most likely to train its staff.

You can also ask what they are trained on, is it industrial medical or general cleaning according to the cleaning you want. Get to understand how many hours they are trained and how new employees will take to start working.

  1. What is Your Employee Turnover?

While many may not consider it essential while looking for commercial cleaning services, it is good to understand if your business will have the same people cleaning or be different every week. These will also give you a chance to know if you will receive quality services. 

  1. Does The Company Have an Insurance Policy and License?

It is OK to ensure the cleaning company you hire has an insurance policy that can cover any accidents. It will give you the confidence to know the company can pay you if damage happens while cleaning your business.

Insured companies can be more expensive as compared to uninsured companies. If a company says it has insurance, it’s good to see it as many can say they have while they don’t.

It’s also highly advisable to hire a company that has a relevant license from the local authorities. 

  1. Do You Use environment-friendly Cleaning Supplies?

Inquire about what type of supplies a company uses.  Are they environmentally friendly? Know the kind of chemicals used to clean, and if they can cause any health concerns? Learn why they use the type of supplies they are using.

You can also use the opportunity to enquire if the company uses its supplies. Most companies come along with their collections, and if you find a company that asks you to buy supplies for yourself, it might not be the right company. 

  1. What Equipment do you Use?

When hiring a cleaning company, it’s essential to know the type of equipment they are using. The more modern the equipment is, the better services you will receive. It also shows the company is professional and is better equipped.


There are many cleaning companies, and it can be hard to single out what’s best for your business. With a list of questions, you will have a simpler time sorting the best answers.

A professional company will give precise answers and get your needs sorted without increasing your budget, offering you excellent customer care, being environmentally conscious, and equipping your workers with exceptional skills.

Ensure the company is insured and licensed by various authorities before signing any contract. A company that has a reputable portfolio gives you the confidence that you will get the same type of services.