electrostatic disinfection federal wayHow much do you know about electrostatic disinfection in Federal Way? While traditional cleaning methods like wet and dry dusting can make a surface look cleaner, there are drawbacks. Dry dusting can disturb resting particles that may act as irritants, especially for individuals with allergies. Wet dusting often relies on harsh chemicals and may actually spread germs if cleaning cloths aren’t sanitized properly. As a result, it may be a good idea to consider alternatives. Keep the following information about electrostatic disinfection in mind as you finalize plans for professional cleaning services. 

What it Is

Electrostatic disinfecting consists of using an electrostatically charged mist to spray down surfaces and objects. Using a special solution with positively charged particles, cleaning professionals are able to sanitize areas and objects that may otherwise be difficult.

How it Works

This cleaning process works because the electrically charged solution clings to all surface types, which allows sanitizers and disinfectants to work more efficiently. All visible areas can be easily covered, while those already sprayed will resist oversaturation. 

Business Use

Electrostatic disinfection is ideal for commercial cleaning, especially in facilities with rooms sensitive to germs. A specialist can best assess your needs and determine whether this method is recommended for your company.

Interested in Learning More about Electrostatic Disinfection in Federal Way?

If you think this cleaning process may be right for your business, The Purple Maids can help. Our highly trained and experienced technicians offer a wide variety of superior cleaning services, including one-time and reoccurring solutions. Homeowners and contractors alike depend on us for residential cleaning and post-construction cleaning. Our company is dedicated to providing top-notch results while adhering to the most recent health regulations due to Covid-19. Contact us today with questions or to schedule a consultation.

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