The Three Most Overlooked Areas in Office Cleaning

Almost all businesses invest in commercial cleaning services for floors, carpets, and windows. And when the pandemic hit, companies also paid attention to touchpoints, like keyboards, light switches, and cleaner in seattle

However, non-professional cleaners miss other areas in the office that are a hotspot for dirt, pests, and pathogens. These spots blend into the background and don’t get the attention they need, and as a result, dust and grime accumulate without anyone noticing.

As a professional commercial cleaning company, The Purple Maids knows that every nook and cranny deserves a deep clean, but not every corner gets regular and proper cleaning.

Here are the three most overlooked spots when cleaning a commercial office.

Furniture and Upholstery

The average office desk harbors 10 million bacteria, which means the chairs have about 21,000 germs per square inch. And it’s not just the chairs; germs also collect on the office partitions and the furniture in the lobby.

Although recent sanitation guidelines pushed for cleaner desks, the furniture and chairs are still often overlooked. Because they’re covered in fabric, the layer of dust and dirt is not as visible as it is on tables and windows.

If multiple people use the office chairs and stools, they could spread potentially infectious pathogens from a dirty leather armchair to the rest of an otherwise clean space.

Moreover, even if office chairs are part of a commercial office cleaning routine, the undersides are often forgotten. These areas still need to be cleaned because they have recesses and crevices that collect dirt.

Light Fixtures

Office workers take indoor lighting fixtures for granted, especially if the space relies on natural light. It’s also difficult to clean fixtures because they require a ladder. As a result, people neglect cleaning light fixtures, especially for ornate pieces like chandeliers and sculptural lights.

However, dirty fixtures reduce the light that spreads across the office. The grime also shortens the lifespan of the light bulbs and attracts bugs. A quick swipe of a feather duster or soft cloth goes a long way in keeping the lights bright and the fixtures dust-free.

Fake Greenery

Recent research has shown that offices with plants encourage better mood and increase productivity among employees. As a result, many commercial spaces decorate using fake green plants. They offer the same result but require less maintenance.

Fake plants don’t need fertilizer or water, but they need cleaning. Dust collects on the leaves and the edges of the pots. But they’re not included in standard cleaning routines.

Choose Reliable Janitorial Services

Make sure your commercial cleaning services don’t miss these often unnoticed spots. With The Purple Maids’ janitorial services, you can be confident that every corner of your office will be spotless, from the fake greenery to the underside of the chairs.

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