We’ve all been there: You’re in the middle of a vigorous cleaning session, windows open and cleaning products in hand, when you feel an itch coming on. Before you know it, you’re sneezing, tearing up, and your eyes are swelling shut.

Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people suffer from allergies every day and cleaning their homes can cause more than just discomfort—it can be a downright nuisance.

But don’t worry, because this doesn’t have to be the case. With a few simple strategies, you can take the itch out of cleaning and reduce allergies in your home. Here’s what you need to know.


10 “Aller-Genius” Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Free From Irritants

Whether you live in a small-to-moderately sHere’s a secret: there’s a few easy ways to reduce the presence of allergens while keeping your home tidy. Here’s 10 cleaning tips that severe allergy sufferers should keep around:

1. Keep pets groomed and bathed

Regularly grooming and bathing your pets reduces the amount of dander and fur they shed.

2. Use natural cleaning products 

Cleaning products and allergy sufferers are rarely a good mix, since most contain harsh chemicals that aggravate your symptoms. As a helpful tip, Try using natural cleaning products like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice.

3. Avoid air fresheners and scented candles

While it’s an easy way to keep your home smelling good, these products contain chemicals that irritate your allergies. Instead, try using essential oils or natural fragrances (like fresh flowers.)

4. Keep windows closed during high pollen times

The PNW is surrounded by mountains, breath-taking views, and wildflowers. While a nice view for your weekend hike, during high-pollen months, these flowers are a nuisance. Considering pollen counts are typically the highest on warm, dry days, try keeping your windows closed, as this helps to reduce the amount of pollen that enters your home.

5. Clean with a damp cloth or mop

Dry dusting can stir up allergens, allowing them to float through your air—and worse—become easily inhaled. Next time, use a damp cloth or mop to better trap allergens. This technique is also useful for combating dust in hard-to-reach areas, such as ceiling corners, baseboards, and window sills.

6. Use hypoallergenic bedding

Dust mites are a common allergen found in warm, humid environments, like your bedding. Luckily, hypoallergenic bedding reduces their number under your blankets. When searching for new sheets, look for bedding made from materials like bamboo, linen or cotton.

7. Keep humidity levels low

It’s important to note dust mites and mold also thrive in humid environments, so keep humidity levels in your home below 50%. Consider investing in a hygrometer to measure humidity levels, and a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture.

8. Clean regularly

While a simple step, regular cleaning helps to keep allergies at bay, so make sure to dust, vacuum and mop your home often. Even better, consider hiring a professional cleaning service, as they’ll conduct deep cleans to reduce allergens in your home.

Between work, kids, and a social life, it’s a struggle to find the time to clean your home. If you have a busy schedule, but still want to keep your space allergy-free, hiring a house cleaner is the perfect solution.

9. Invest in an air purifier

Air purifiers are great for removing pet dander, dust, and pollen, which helps improve the overall air quality in your home.

10. Hire a professional

If you have an allergy, house cleaning services can help you with specialized tools and solutions like HEPA-filtered particles to remove particles from your carpets, furniture and air ducts.

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